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I attended the 'One 2 one interview techniques' course to improve my self-confidence for a job interview. After the course, I was so prepared and confident that I got the job!

Rita Middlebrook

Awards & Achievements

Business Training Direct Awards and Achievements

Ian Price
Area Champion 2004-5
District Champion 2004-5
National Champion 2004-5
Area Champion 2005
Area Champion 2008

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Why choose Business Training Direct?

Different companies, similar courses - something of a lottery?

We think not! There are several companies offering training so why choose us? There are several reasons why we think you should...

Let's be honest, whatever company you choose to deliver your training, the whole event will depend largely on one thing. The trainer. On the day, the individual trainer is the most important factor. We have all come across very knowledgeable people who have no skills in sharing their knowledge.

Equally there are skilled facilitators who lack any depth to their subject. We are specialists in what we do.

Our courses are designed to your agenda

Our courses are designed to YOUR agenda not ours. We listen to your needs and adapt accordingly. Our trainers have years of experience of working, managing, leading and training people in the HR and Personal Development field. We are a small company that works hard to be the best.

Advice and support from Business Training Direct before and after your course

You can talk to your trainer before the event. We will offer on-going support after the event. We want you to be fully satisfied with our courses and come back to us again.

We are always happy to offer further advice and help as well as wanting to hear about successful presentations that course members have given.

Further information

If you want to be trained by the best, be inspired to deliver courses full of confidence, professionalism and enthusiasm, contact us and discover for yourself what makes our presentation skills training courses really special.

Business Training Direct's course trainers

Principal Trainers

Ian Price - presentation skills course trainer
Ian Price

Our principal trainer is Ian Price. After 26 years in Local Authority work and having risen to senior management he decided that he had chaired enough meetings, watched enough abysmal PowerPoint and wanted the challenge of training others to do better. After a short spell working as an associate for other companies, he set up Business Training Direct with the view to providing quality training at all times. Ian holds National training qualifications, degrees, management qualifications and vocational certificates. Perhaps more relevant is that he speaks in competition - walking the walk so to speak. In 2004 Ian won the UK National Championship for Impromptu speaking, in 2005 the Southern Area Final for Prepared Speaking and in 2008 the Southern Area once more for Impromptu. One of the advantages this brings, is the ability to instantly show a client a different, or better, way to deliver a difficult point.

In addition, and not normally part of the course, Ian is a trained and qualified hypnotherapist. For those who are nervous about speaking, there are elements of this and NLP training that can often assist.

*Visit the London Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy website for more information and to buy hypnosis CDs.

Margot Elder - presentation skills course trainer
Margot Elder

Margot Elder is the second principal trainer who is skilled and able to work with groups at all levels. 

Throughout the 11 years of adult working, Margot has always had training responsibilities. As both a retail and business manager she has recruited, inspired and educated staff at all levels. Her business management degree was selected to provide a depth of knowledge to supplement the practical and effective training delivery that Margot provides within a supportive and warm atmosphere. Margot speaks in competition and won through to the Southern Area Finals at her first attempt. Whether running courses herself or co-training with Ian, Margot ensures that each candidate benefits from her calm and patient approach. Testimonials regularly commend her ability to teach effective skills in a positive friendly style, getting the best from each candidate.

Training course materials

Drawing on his experience as a trainer, Ian has worked with another established trainer in the USA to produce a series of booklets to accompany courses and is working on a book that will be a practical guide to presenting and speaking in public.


Ian also produces the Business Training Direct Newsletter, which offers tips, hints, advice and guidance on becoming a better presenter.

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Don't Panic

One to One sessions at short notice for people with urgent meetings, and presentations. Please call to discuss availability.

What you say

Everyone was ecstatic about my speech - I could not believe the reception it got. I will be recommending other individuals to you in the coming months. I could not have done it without your help, Many thanks.

Intermediate Training Courses

This course will make rapid strides to improve your presentations and move you to another level. Building on your experience, we will focus on a number of aspects that will immediately make a difference to your presentations.

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