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I found the course to be immensely useful. I have a number of interviews coming up and I have doubtlessly increased my confidence and my ability to sell myself in an interview. Thank You!

Johnnie Dela Moriniere

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Training skills questions and answers

I’ve never given a presentation before. What training do I need?

The First Steps course is ideal if you have no experience or you are very nervous. It starts from the basics and covers how to build the content as well as how to gain confidence. You will discover how to overcome nerves, how to look confident, feel confident and give a good basic presentation. If you feel that confidence is not so much of an issue, you might like to consider the Intermediate course which works a lot more on the delivery skills.

Will your 'first steps' presentations skills course help to control my nerves?

The First Steps course will teach you exactly how to prepare yourself to speak, what causes you to feel nervous and how to deal with the nerves. You will discover several simple but effective techniques that will make an instant improvement.

Can I find a full list of your training courses online?

Courses constantly evolve. Details of current courses are here, but we will always talk with you to help identify your training needs and the best course options to meet them. In-house courses and ‘one-off’ courses are not always fully outlined on site – please contact us for specific information.

How many people would there be on a public training course?

Our courses are client-focussed not money-focussed. We do not believe in squashing in as many as possible to our courses. There is an absolute maximum of 8 people on most courses, but normally that is kept to a maximum of 6.

Where are your presentation skills courses held?

The main courses are held in central London at venues that are very easy to get to. We use training facilities near Trafalgar Square or near Victoria. Other venues can be arranged as required and in-house courses are at your venue anywhere in the UK or Europe.

Your courses sound great, but none of them quite meet our needs. Can you customise a course so it meets our requirements?

Business Training Direct will always work with potential clients to ensure the training is altered to suit your specific needs. Indeed, we regard that as essential. We are very experienced and can adjust a course before or even during to maximise your benefit.

How will Business Training Direct's public speaking and presentation skills training courses be tailored to my needs?

In-house clients may wish to have the course targeted at different levels of expertise. Some clients wish to include PowerPoint modules, whilst others may never use PowerPoint at all. Impromptu speaking can be included as can different styles of presentation whether that is seated, standing, or from a podium. Some speakers wish to have training in the use of Microphones and all these options and more are totally open to customisation as required. On public courses we will always work with individuals within the groups to ensure that wherever possible we include elements to meet each need. In reality our comprehensive courses often meet the needs with very little modification.

I have a specific problem I would like help with. Do you offer one-to-one coaching?

One-to-one coaching is a popular option for a number of reasons. Senior managers with time constraints often require a more intensive coaching session than a public course allows. Individual sessions allow time for specific issues to be dealt with, as well as time for specific speeches to be edited, altered and practiced. Business Training Direct was proud to have its one-to-one coaching featured in the Times course watch on 3rd November 2005.

Do you offer in-house training courses?

In-house courses are the most cost-effective way of training small groups of people and allow the total customisation of the material to ensure your needs are met. It also allows for additional options to be included. Some companies have made quite an event out of the training especially when their work force is not based together in one place. In such cases evening and dinner events can be included.

We are having a conference and would like to have some public speaking and presentation skills training for a few hours. Can you come out and run it for us?

We have been delighted to have done just that for many well known major companies. We can provide keynote speeches, longer lectures, small workgroups and training adjusted to suit your timescales and your number of people. Contact us to speak directly about how we can meet your needs.

Unfortunately I don't have time to attend any training courses, but I could really use help with my public speaking and presentation skills. Do you have anything that would help me?

Yes of course! Here's some advice for you. Re-frame your position and consider what are the results of you not attending a course and not improving your skills. Maybe that is why you have not got the time. If the time issue is about short notice, then by arrangement we can work after hours, weekends and provide extreme short notice training.

How are your presentation skills courses different or better than other courses on offer?

Naturally you would expect us to say that they are better than our competitors! In the past we have undertaken work from other companies and so we can tell you that some companies act more as intermediates or agencies. They receive training requests and farm them out to anyone they can get. Business Training Direct does not use trainers who have read a few books….we do not pack people into courses just to increase the revenue, we do not put our needs over yours. We pride ourselves on working with you to meet your goals. We want you to be our evangelists. We will help you on the day, and afterwards.

Who conducts the training courses - what qualifications do they have (or how much experience do they have)?

Business Training Direct’s main trainer is Ian Price. He conducts most courses and does so from a background of 26 years in Local Government. He has two National Training Qualifications, a degree, business qualifications and a raft of experience. He speaks in competition and has won the National Championship (impromptu) in the UK (2004-5), the Southern Area 2005-6 (prepared) and numerous individual and team speaking events. He is an expert. We do not teach a massive range of subjects that we know little about – but train in the main area where we are the leaders.
Read more about our trainers here...

Who have you provided training for before?

Many companies that are household names. Amongst them Ian has trained Amgen International in Barcelona and later in Madrid. American Express – 25 European Compliance managers, Campbell Reith Hill, EDF Energy, Peter Hambro Mining, Shell, many of the main banks, man of the private banks, Medway and other Local Authorities, and numerous other companies and individuals. We could fill a page with names, but we feel that there is limited benefit to you. You need to know two things. We often get invited back is the first thing! What we did yesterday is of limited use to you, we will work hard to impress you today and tomorrow on YOUR course.

How much do your public speaking and presentation skills training courses cost?

Less than most other companies! The Direct in Business Training Direct means that we can do this as we are not paying large amounts of your fees on commission to other trainers, other companies and sub contractors. Prices are published on the website for the main courses. We will always attempt to be substantially less expensive than our competitors and we know that we are always providing the best training.

Is there a course price list available online?

See the answer above about course prices and click on this link.

Are group discounts available?

Certainly. We can offer discounts for small groups or larger groups spread out. Larger groups together would be better talking to us about bespoke in-house options.

I am unable to pay by credit card. Can you send me an invoice?

We work mainly with invoices although payment can be arranged online. All course members receive an invoice sent to their work or home address as they prefer.

I would like to book a place on one of your presentation skills courses. What should I do next?

Tell us please! Either email us or call us and we will confirm your booking with you, send you an invoice and venue details and welcome you into the large club of satisfied customers.

Is there a cancellation policy?

If you book a place and cannot attend, we will work with you to try and make sure that we can swap you onto another course. If the cancellation is at very short notice we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee of up to 50%. However we normally waive that as we want you to train with us and your business is worth a lot to us.

How do I take my interest further?

Take a look on the website for more information. Email us for course overviews or ring us and speak to us about the courses, your training needs and matching one to the other. We are very friendly and advice is free. Larger contracts for in-house training may benefit from a face to face meeting and we are happy to arrange that.

What about follow-up sessions?

Your improvement will be substantial on the course but we will be interested in hearing from you in the future. All attendees can seek further advice from the trainer and this is willingly given. There are further course options including follow up days, further specialist courses and practice opportunities that we will discuss with you.

Do you offer any other services besides public speaking and presentation skills training?

Public Speaking and Presentation skills training are the main core areas we work in. We also offer individual and group training for those about to be interviewed – (i.e. interviewees). We run communication skills and personal presence and impact courses. Using exercises from the world of hypnosis and NLP, Ian offer stress reduction and management courses as well.

If I book a training course or fill out your presentation tips newsletter form, will you put me on a spam mailing list or call me if I don’t want you to?

You are important to us and we want you to only think well of us. If you have given us your email address or signed for the newsletter we reasonably assume you want to receive information from us. We never allow your name to be sent, given, lent or shared with any other party. All our newsletters have automatic unsubscribe options and are fully compliant with legislation.

Should I bring anything to the course?

You may be asked to give some thought to a topic to present on the First Steps course and to have begun to put a presentation together for the Intermediate course. However more important is that you attend and look forward to a course that will be fun, interesting and effective.

Will we be videotaped?

By arrangement on some courses you can be taped. This is always optional and you can easily decide not to be. If we tape you, you will get a copy on DVD to look afterwards.

Are your sessions interactive?

We find courses where you are lodged in a chair all day very uninspiring. All our courses are designed to be interactive at all times, fun, practical and enjoyable. We make use of adult learning theory to ensure we appeal to everybody’s style of learning.

Can we bring real presentations to the course for practice?

Of course you can. In fact this has the additional advantage of not only being used for training purposes but also forms good practice for real world delivery. It does not matter what subject you bring, if it helps you that is fine.

I have a few questions. Could I speak to one of the trainers before I attend a course?

You are welcome to have a no obligation chat and all you need to do is tell us and we will call you. We will answer any outstanding questions and begin to get to know you.

Click here for some additional questions and answers about presentation training skills and attending the training courses.

Who do you coach?

Top Executives, middle managements, those just starting out, students and everyone in-between. Whatever level you are at in your career, you will be at home on our courses.

What you say

Everyone was ecstatic about my speech - I could not believe the reception it got. I will be recommending other individuals to you in the coming months. I could not have done it without your help, Many thanks.

Intermediate Training Courses

This course will make rapid strides to improve your presentations and move you to another level. Building on your experience, we will focus on a number of aspects that will immediately make a difference to your presentations.

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