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I thought the trainer made the course really interesting and enjoyable. The feedback was really useful with practical suggestions of ways to improve.


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Intermediate Presentation Skills Courses London / Presentation Training London

Who should attend this course?

If you are new to presenting, the 'First Steps' course may be more suitable for you.

You are welcome to contact us to find out more and to be reassured that this is the right training course for you.

How many attendees will there be on the training course?

The course is run in small groups of no more than 8 people.

How the 'Intermediate' training course will improve your presentation skills

This course will make rapid strides to improve your presentations and move you to another level. Building on your experience, we will focus on a number of aspects that will immediately make a difference to your presentations. We will:

At the end of the course you will be confident and competent in your presentations. Building on from the First Steps course, or your own previous experience, you will feel empowered and enthused by your presentations and so will the audience! You will enjoy presenting and that in itself will rub off on the audience.

Further information about the 'Intermediate Presentation Skills' Courses

What our clients have to say about our intermediate presentation skills courses

Will the course benefit me?

"I wish to take the opportunity to tell you that I have found your training to be excellent and certain to be very useful for me in the future. It was surprising how relatively easy I could get rid of bad habits and acquire some positive skills even after doing presentations for 20 years. Anyone that thinks they can do good presentations should spend half an hour with you and they will soon find out that they should, and can, improve their skills. Many thanks."
President and Director General, SYSMEX France

What you say

"I attended the two-day intermediate course and would highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to improve or enhance his or her presentations skills. The training provided by Business Training Direct was superb. The course was very interactive, very informative, immensely motivating and highly enjoyable. I would like to thank both Ian and Margot for giving me the confidence and inspiration to be a first class presenter."
Business Development Manager - TANDBERG Television

Gain confidence

One to One sessions at short notice for people with urgent meetings, and presentations. Please call to discuss availability.

"Spending 2 days solid on presentation skills has given me an overall confidence which lacked before. I feel I’ve been given the necessary skills to handle prep and delivery of a good presentation."
Co-Founder of Primal Journey

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