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Powerful PowerPoint training courses

PowerPoint is a most useful tool for the presenter - it is also the most misused tool

It has coined phrases such as ‘Death by PowerPoint’, ‘Bullet Point maze’, and MEGO*. The reality is most PowerPoint presentations have little ‘Power’, and often lose the ‘Point. (*Mine Eyes Glaze Over)!

Make your PowerPoint Powerful. Harness the Power aspect!

Who should attend the Powerful PowerPoint training skills course?

This standalone course is designed for candidates who have attended the Intermediate presentation skills course, or who feel that they have attained a reasonable level of presentation skills. It does not teach the basics of using the programme, but concentrates on how to use PowerPoint to the best effect – to enhance and clarify your presentation skills. PowerPoint for this course means either presentations delivered using a laptop and a data projector, or using an Overhead Projector and acetates.

Candidates will be asked to bring a short recent presentation they have used with them, in order to both present it to the group, and to provide working material to examine and improve upon. Additional material will be supplied by the trainer.

Whether you think your slides need some help, your presentation technique needs advice, or you just want to move up a league when using slides, this course is for you.

How this course will improve your PowerPoint presentation skills

In this course you will:

This course is not a course to teach you the mechanics of preparing PowerPoint slides*. It assumes that you have some knowledge of the programme, or an assistant who prepares slides to your instruction. It is also assumed that you have developed some general presentation skills through earlier courses or experience. (For example see our Intermediate Presentation Skills Training Course).

*Contact Amendit Design Services for help creating PowerPoint slides.

STOP getting it wrong, START getting it right!

Two options are available. A one day course as an advanced follow-on to a general presentation skills course, and a two day advanced course.  The two day course refreshes and builds on general presentation skills combining those skills with the specifics of the PowerPoint course.

If you need to give strong PowerPoint presentations - you need this course.

Course requirements

To get the most out of this course, candidates should have some general experience of presenting. They will be asked to prepare in advance a short presentation to be delivered using either acetates on an OHP, or using a data projector which will be available during the course.

On the two day course, candidates will be invited to spend a short time between the two days to prepare or modify their material.

Candidates on both courses will receive a pack of written material to be used as a resource immediately and in the future.

Powerful PowerPoint course trainers

The trainer for this course is Ian Price who prepared and wrote this course. As well as delivering presentation skills training at all levels, he has a wealth of experience in working with PowerPoint. As senior manager he has witnessed countless meetings that have suffered the slow ‘death by PowerPoint’ syndrome. He has researched this aspect of training delivery and also been responsible for creating powerful and dynamic presentation shows and training materials. In partnership with an American trainer and established author, he has written some helpful booklets on the use of PowerPoint and is developing material for a future book that will cover both presentation skills and PowerPoint specifics.

Don't Panic

One to One sessions at short notice for people with urgent meetings, and presentations. Please call to discuss availability.

What you say

"My content and use of slides was by far the best whilst my delivery was confident and charged. All thanks to you of course."


Training Courses for Beginners

One day courses for those who lack experience and confidence, or who are simply terrified! Starting from the very beginning you will leave the course having developed and delivered presentation.

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