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The trainer was very impressive and was able to get me over this first hurdle- thank you.

Katie Scott-Kurti

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Advanced Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills Follow-up and Advanced combined course

This is a one or two day course only open to candidates who have been on the Intermediate Presentation Skills Course. There are three options:

The 2 day Advanced Skills Course

You learnt to drive, passed your test, practiced a lot and then, only then were you ready for the advanced driving course! So it is with presentations and public speaking. The nerves are almost controlled, the structure is clear, the delivery is fine…. But…. Now you need to go that extra distance to put you above the average.

Who should attend the Advanced Skills course?

Join with us on this special course, restricted to those who have previously trained with us. Lift yourself to new heights. Consolidate what you have already learnt and add new skills along the way.

By restricting the course to those who have been on the Intermediate, we know that you have the basic skills sorted, a higher level of delivery skills and probably you are already enjoying speaking and impressing your colleagues with your ability.  We also know that you really enjoyed the course and the opportunity to practice and learn in a safe, supportive and fun environment. By popular request, we have modified the in-house advanced course, added some new content and packaged it in a way that will meet the needs of our friends and colleagues.

This flexible course can be taken as:

Course dates and cost

This course will be held in our London venue on the 8th and 9th February with both Ian and Margot training. The cost of the course is £300 for one of the days, and £550 if you book both days. Both plus VAT.

How many attendees will there be on the training course?

Clearly places are limited (max of 6 or 8) so book NOW to ensure your continued development.

Are group discounts available?

Certainly. We can offer discounts for small groups or larger groups spread out. Larger groups together would be better talking to us about bespoke in-house options.

What you say

Everyone was ecstatic about my speech - I could not believe the reception it got. I will be recommending other individuals to you in the coming months. I could not have done it without your help, Many thanks.

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