Presentation Skills Training for Job Interview Success

If you’ve an important interview coming up, presentation skills training can help eliminate nerves, build your self-confidence and show you how to sell yourself. 
Pre-interview, there are many thought processes at work which can have a negative effect on the psyche. Subsequently they can be detrimental to our successfulness during the interview process. Here are some examples;
Performance Anxiety – when you’re in front of an interviewer you are expected to perform. Just like an athlete, we can all succumb to the nerves and pressure of having to act a certain way at a particular moment or event.
Self-Fulfilling Prophesies – you tell yourself over and over that you’ll embarrass yourself, get tongue tied, go completely blank and guess what? – It happens.
Exaggerating its Significance – While it may be nice to get the job, the world will not end if you don’t, your wife won’t divorce you and you won’t be ridiculed for trying. You will simply learn from any mistakes you make and move on.
Self-Defeating Thoughts – You insentiently convince yourself that you’re not good enough, qualified enough, or skilled enough to fulfil the role you’ve applied for. With this mind-set – how will you ever convince anyone else to the contrary?
Fixation on Past Experiences – If you’ve had a bad experience in the past, you may fear a repeat performance. This can really cripple a person’s chances of success, especially if they’ve only ever had negative experiences and outcomes.
If any of this sounds familiar, you can overcome these patterns through training or coaching. When you are knowledgeable and familiar with the interview process, your self-confidence will soar. When you can identify the negative thought processes that cause nerves, you will be able to control them and come across as self-assured.
Business Training Direct offer presentation skills training to help you get that job. Our interview skills training is a one-to-one coaching session over half a day. It includes training to control nerves and anxiety, coaching on potential interview questions and a full mock interview with feedback. To find out more, call us on 0845 056 9696.

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