One-to-One Public Speaking Courses

There are many reasons to opt for one-to-one coaching rather than attending one of our public speaking courses. Depending on your objectives, you may find that a one-to-one course suits you better. 
Intensive Coaching
The most obvious reason is that you’ll learn much more in a shorter space of time at a one-to-one intensive session. You’ll receive the full attention of the trainer, rather than it being divided with other delegates. At Business Training Direct, we do keep our course numbers low at 6-8 delegates, but nothing compares with the one-on-one attention you’ll receive at a coaching session. 
Tailored to You
Courses are tailored to your individual requirements so you’ll get maximum benefit. The session will focus on you as an individual, your level of skill and strengths and weaknesses as a speaker. We can focus specifically on aspects of public speaking that you struggle with. Perhaps you have difficulties preparing a speech or maybe your body language needs work. You won’t need to waste time listening to parts of a generic course that are irrelevant to you.
Focus on a Particular Speech/Interview
You may wish to improve your presentation skills because you have an important speech or presentation on the horizon. If that’s the case, we can coach you for that particular speech and delivering to that specific audience.
Instant Answers & Feedback
You’ll be free to ask questions and get instant answers and feedback throughout the session. This gives you the opportunity to get exactly what you want from your time with the trainer. 
At a Time Convenient to you
You will not be restricted to certain times or dates. You can receive training at a time and place that fits your schedule, not the other way round. This is ideal for senior managers and executives who don’t have many openings in their dairies. It can be extremely difficult to free-up an entire day or longer and travel to a course that may not be entirely worth your while.
If you’d like more information about our one-to-one public speaking courses, call 0845 056 9696 and speak to an advisor. You can arrange to speak to the trainer directly to ensure we can meet your requirements.

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