Business Training Direct's blog is packed full of hints, tips and advice on public speaking and presentation skills.
At Business Training Direct, we believe courses should be fun, enjoyable and most of all greatly beneficial to the members.  Our blog is an integral part of this; offering our subscribers further advice, presentation tips and continued support. As your confidence grows, we hope you’ll find public speaking a pleasure and see it as something to look forward to!
Principle author Ian Price is director at Business Training Direct and Ian holds national training qualifications, degrees, management qualifications and vocational certificates. He is an award winning speaker and ASC National Champion with 19 years’ experience in the Professional Training & Coaching Industry. His passion and enthusiasm for speaking, ensures that every public speaking training course is memorable, lively, interactive and effective.
The blog focuses on helping people overcome their fear of public speaking.  This includes how to control and eliminate nerves and anxiety and how to prepare, construct and deliver speeches. As your confidence and abilities grow, your dread of public speaking and presentations will be a thing of the past.
Through our blog, we hope that you can become a better presenter and that this will enrich your life in many ways. We’ll also keep you update with up-and-coming presentation skills training courses, special offers and presentation training London events.
If you’ve an impromptu presentation or an imminent job interview, we hope our blog will become a useful resource. Use to refresh and re-enforce what you learnt on a previous training course and get instant help from an award winning speaker.
We welcome interaction from our readers. We’d love to hear about your experiences and successes. This helps to inspire others and shows that it is indeed possible to overcome your public speaking fears. 
If you have a story to tell, we’d love to share it, simply email info@businesstrainingdirect.co.uk

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