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Public Speaking Courses to Alleviate your Phobia

A public speaking phobia can be a terrible handicap when it comes to career progression. That is, unless you’re willing to do something about it.  
By investing in public speaking courses through Business Training Direct, you can discover how to conquer that fear and reap the rewards.
Glossophobia is the technical name for a fear of public speaking. The word originates from the Ancient Greek glossa, meaning tongue and phobos, fear or dread. 
Do any of the following apply to you?
  • You avoid public speaking at all costs
  • You feel intense fear before you have to speak in front of people
  • Symptoms manifest themselves physically, tremors, racing pulse, sweating
  • You dodge participation in group discussions
  • The words; ‘let’s move around the table and introduce ourselves,” make you feel physically sick
  • In the past, you’ve feigned illness and arranged a colleague to present on your behalf
If the answer is yes then you’re not alone, a massive 75% of people say they’re afraid of speaking in public. 
Fear of public speaking is nothing to be ashamed of. The fact is, being a great speaker rarely comes naturally.  For the majority of people, it’s a case of professional trainingand practice makes perfect. 
Barack Obama is probably one of the greatest public speakers of our time. Bet your bottom dollar; he still gets stage fright before a big speech and that his skills have been developed with training, over time.
Like anything else in life, these skills must be learnt, developed, practised and fine-tuned. Then you’ll have the confidence to deliver a perfect presentation every time without fear.
Our public speaking courses will present you with a variety of techniques to control nerves and anxietyWe’ll focus on building your confidence through the understanding of the psychological processes that cause fear. You’ll find that once you’ve been professionally trained in the art of speech preparation and delivery, those nerves will disappear.

How Presentation Training in London can benefit your Career

Improving your communication skills through presentation training can do wonders for your career.  Business Training Direct’s presentation training in London can help you to be more confident and successful at work. Here are just some of the reasons to make that investment in yourself.
Change the way you feel about public speaking
Many people try to avoid situations where they’ll be expected to speak, this means they limit their potential and take back-steps in their careers. You’ll be ready and willing to make the pitch, close the deal or land that important client. Rather than nerves and fear, you’ll approach public speaking with confidence and skill. This will benefit you immensely at work and in all other areas of your life.
Land that client/contract/sale
Your new-found presentation skills will give you a better chance at getting that contract or client. If you can present calmly and confidently you’ll be able to gain potential clients respect and trust and get your arguments across more efficiently. We can show you persuasive delivery techniques to make sure you never fail to impress.
Improve your Powerpoint Skills
Our courses cover the use PowerPoint, simply because the more prepared you are the more confident you’ll feel. When you’re not presenting, you’ll be able to apply these skills to other areas of your working life too.
Make yourself a more attractive prospect for promotion
Good communication skills are essential to climb up the career ladder. A confident speaker is more likely to be considered for promotion. The more responsibility your job comes with, the more likely it is that you’ll need to be able to speak authoritatively to people at all levels. 
Always ace future job interviews
Even if it doesn’t work out at your current job, you’ll be armed with valuable skills you can take with you and use in the future. Job interviews are all about presenting – except that the subject is you. You’ll be able to sell yourself without hesitation and will be more likely to get that job!
Learn how to deliver effective and powerful presentations with Business Training Direct. We offer Presentation Training in London at courses held over 1 or 2 days, for more information call now on0845 056 9696.