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I wonder how many people are taken in by the offer of a 'qualification' ?

Strange world, we so want to believe that a one or two day course will give us a recognised qualification that we ignore the 'after just one or two days?" niggle in the back of our head, that is reminding us that anything worthwhile does not come after a one day workshop! I mention this only because you come on a presentation skills course not to get a piece of paper to gather dust, but because you want to lose the nerves, gain public speaking confidence and look forward to your next business presentation.

That is what you want, and that is what we achieve. Of course we can offer you a 'qualification' if you wish, a certificate as well if you want. But the value of what we do it that you leave our courses having conquered your nerves, acquired speaking skills and that you are looking forward to showing this at yoru next speaking opportunity.

Not many other training providers can say that!