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I really liked the inspiration and enthusiasm of the trainer.

Melvin Lieuw, Manager

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Deliver presentations with confidence

With Business Training Direct's public speaking and presentation skills training courses:

Effective, professional training

Our public speaking and presentation skills training courses show you how words are only a part of the process. You will learn how to:

You will discover how to ensure that your presentations are memorable, relevant and impressive. Importantly you will discover that increased confidence and skill will mean that you actually enjoy public speaking opportunities.

Having presentation skills and being confident in public speaking will increase your career opportunities, as delivering professional presentations to clients and business partners is becoming an essential part of today's business world.

Let us help you to:

Business Training Courses

Our courses are suitable for all public speaking and business presentation occasions. We train senior managers and board level staff as well as those just starting to give presentations. We run one and two day courses that will deliver the business training you and your staff require to develop or to simply enhance valuable communication skills, presentation skills and more...

One2one coaching is available for individuals who want to maximise their time, work on specific presentations in more depth, or need help with a short-notice presentation or interview.

Help, advice and guidance is just an email or phone call away. You can achieve this, you want to achieve this and we will teach you how to make public speaking and formal presentations enjoyable!


Don't Panic!

One to One sessions at short notice for people with urgent meetings, and presentations.

Please call to discuss availability.

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The best course I can remember doing in 35 years. I wish I had done it 20 years ago.
Course member,
HM Treasury Solicitors


Intermediate Training Courses

This course will make rapid strides to improve your presentation and communication skills and move you to another level. Building on your experience, we will focus on a number of aspects that will immediately make a difference to your presentations.

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You havenít been a good orator all this while! Isnít it? There could be many reasons behind it. Public speaking is both an art as well as part of cognitive functioning. If you want to be a good and well noticed public speaker, you need confidence and presence of mind. There isnít any need to change into a heroic personality.

Business Training Direct has come up with inventive public speaking courses in UK that are structurally designed and defined to build up your public speaking skills and make you stand out from the crowd. Our public speaking courses will transform your personality, besides adding value and gravity to your speaking. At Business Training Direct, we work hard to maintain the quality of our public speaking courses and simultaneously bring innovation.

You are just a short mile away from becoming a great public orator. Join Business Training Direct for best public speaking coaching in UK.

Business Training direct has several courses aimed at improving your standing in the business world.

Public speaking courses

Do you have a fear of public speaking? Our Public speaking training could improve those rusty presentation skills. We have several public speaking courses designed to build your confidence and vanquish your fear. There are courses for your PowerPoint skills as well.

Whether it is for corporate events or smaller affairs we can certainly be of assistance

Interview Technique

Do you have a senior management interview looming and want to maximize your chances. Needless to say, to have your dream job you need to be able to land it first. Our interview courses will provide you with solid interview technique enabling you to relax and shine during the big moment.

Wedding Speeches

We also offer courses outside of the business world.

Do you have to make a wedding speech? Weather it is a small cosy affair or a huge lavish wedding business training direct can help. Are you worried about your father of the bride speech? Are you scared that no one will laugh at your Best Man speech? Our public speaking courses can be of great help, allowing you to enjoy and not fear this important day

So whether it's a fear of public speaking, brushing up on interview technique, business training direct has just the course to allay your fears and propel you to the next level.